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Our Story

The company began with Don Wax who started the company in 1969.  Over the years the company name has changed a few times starting with  Dogwood Properties in the beginning, then to Don Wax Properties, Lonesome Pine Properties, Lonesome Pine Realty, and finally to Lonesome Pine Realty and Auction. Since the inception we have always believed in "Thinking outside of the Box" and have never been afraid to make changes to stay current and look to the future for our Company and Clients success.


In 2000 David and Linda Wampler took over ownership of the company, and subsequently made the last name change, adding "Auction" to their list of services.  Striving forward and embracing new technologies as they brought the company into the 21st Century.


In 2012 Ed Wampler assumed the ownership role and is currently the Principle Broker. Ed's vision for the future is similar to his predecessors.  Moving the Company forward by expanding to a 2nd office in Wise, and utilizing any and all new tools available while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Although the core of our business is centered around our local counties, we now have the ability to reach a much larger audience through our use of the internet and all social media platforms.

Ed looks forward to moving the company into the future, and believes if we take care of our client's success the rest will take care of itself.


We invite you to experience the difference. 

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